You can make long exposures without having to keep the shutter button pressed. The changing result can be viewed in the monitor during shooting.

  1. Rotate the mode dial to Z.

  2. Use HI to select [Live Time], then press the Q button.

  3. Press G, use HI to choose the maximum exposure time, and press the Q button.

    Maximum exposure time

    • The display refresh rate may change automatically depending on the maximum exposure time selected.
    • The shorter the maximum exposure time, the faster the display refresh rate.
  4. Press the shutter button halfway down to focus.

    • To reduce blur caused by camera shake, fix the camera securely to a tripod and use a remote shutter release controlled via OI.Share in wireless remote mode.

      gShooting remotely with a smartphone

    • If the focus indicator blinks, the camera is not in focus.
  5. Press the shutter button all the way down to start live time photography.

    • The camera adjusts settings automatically and begins shooting.
    • The changing result can be viewed in the monitor.
  6. Press the shutter button again to stop shooting.

    • View the changing result in the monitor and press the shutter button to end shooting once the desired result is achieved.
    • Shooting ends automatically when the selected exposure time is reached.

$ Notes

The long exposure (bulb/time) options in M mode offer more advanced settings.

gShooting with long exposure time (BULB/LIVE TIME)