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Question :
An MPO file is recorded in addition to a JPEG file after shooting 3D pictures. Why?

When shooting 3D pictures, a JPEG file and an MPO file are recorded in record mode 16:9 S.a JPEG file and an MPO file
The MPO format (Multi Picture Object Format, file extension: ".MPO") is a CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association) file format. This file format saves multiple images as a single image file.

In 3D picture shooting, the camera creates parallax images for the right and left eye in MPO format.
If either the MPO file or JPEG file is deleted from the computer, the images cannot be displayed in 3D.

Question :
Can I play back the 3D images, taken with 3D mode, on the LCD monitor of my camera?

No, the 3D images cannot be played back on the monitor of your camera. You can play back the images on 3D-compatible devices (e.g. TV, computer).

To play back the 3D images on a TV, connect a 3D-compatible TV to your camera using an HDMI cable (CB-HD1, 1.5 m, sold separately).

Question :
What are the differences among the SP-810UZ, SP-800UZ and SZ-30MR?

The following table describes the differences:

SP-810UZ SP-800UZ SZ-30MR
Effective pixels 14 million pixels
CCD: 1/2.3
14 million pixels
CCD: 1/2.33
16 million pixels,
Backlit CMOS sensor 
Monitor  3.0 inches Approx. 230,000 dots TFT color LCD 3.0 inches Approx. 460,000 dots TFT color LCD
Optical zoom 36 x 30 x  24 x 
Focal length 4.3 mm - 154.8 mm
(25 mm - 864 mm equivalent in 35 mm photography)
4.9 mm - 147.0 mm
(28 mm - 840mm equivalent in 35 mm photography)
4.5 mm - 108.0 mm
(25 mm - 600 mm equivalent in 35 mm photography)
Image stabilizer  Available
Hand-Held Starlight Not available Available
Smart Panorama Not available Available
Multi-Record Not available Available
Movie HD movie (720P) HD movie (720P) Full HD movie (1080P)
Magic Filter 10 filters
Pop Art, Pinhole,
Fisheye, Drawing,
Soft Focus, Punk,
Sparkle, Watercolor, Reflection,Miniature
4 filters
Pop Art, Pinhole,
Drawing, Fisheye
8 filters
Pop Art, Pinhole,
Fisheye, Drawing,
Soft Focus, Punk,
Sparkle, Watercolor
Scene Mode 16 modes 17 modes 16 modes
Eye-Fi card compatibility Compatible  Not compatible Compatible 
Dimensions 105.9 mm (W) x 75.9 mm (H) x  73.5 mm (D) / 4.2" (W) x 2.6" (H) x 1.5" (D) 107.3 mm (W) x 73.4 mm (H) x 84.7 mm (D) / 4.2" (W) x 2.9" (H) x 3.3" (D) 106.3 mm (W) x 68.7 mm (H) x 39.5 mm (D) / 4.2" (W) x 2.7" (H) x 1.6" (D) 
(with battery and media card)
413g 418g 226g
Color  Black Silver Silver

Question :
What comes packaged with the camera?

The following items are packaged with the camera:

- SP-810UZ body
- Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery ( LI-50B )
- USB-AC adapter ( F-2AC, only for charging, )
- USB cable ( CB-USB8 )
- Monaural Audio / Video cable ( CB-AVC3 )
- Strap
- Lens cap
- Lens cap strap
- CD-ROM ( [ib], OLYMPUS Viewer 2 )
- Instruction Manual
- Warranty card

Question :
Which types of memory cards can I use?

SD, SDHC and SDXC cards can be used.
xD-Picture Card™ and CompactFlash® media cannot be used.

To see a list of compatible memory cards, click here:
* xD-Picture CardTM / SmartMediaTM / Compact FlashTM Compatibility with SP-Series cameras

Question :
Where can I find the instruction manual for my camera?

You can either read online or download the instruction manual for your camera.
See the following Web page to find the available manuals:
* Download Manuals

Question :
Where can I find information on how to use the [ib] software?

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about [ib] are collected here.

Detailed documentation of the software's functions is available in the application's Help file. To access the Help file, launch [ib] and choose ib Help from the Help menu.

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