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What is OI. Palette (OLYMPUS Image Palette)?


Olympus Image Palette (OI. Palette) is a photo editing application for smartphones and tablets. This application lets you edit your photos using features such as Art Filter, Art Effect, Color Creator and Highlight & Shadow Control, which are popular on Olympus digital interchangeable lens cameras.

In OI. Palette, you can edit your JPEG image files by selecting from 28 art filters (including different types) and 8 art effects.
You can create impressive photos with the Color Creator and Highlight & Shadow Control. Color Creator lets you emphasize the hue and change color saturation, and Highlight & Shadow Control makes it possible to adjust details in highlights and shadows that are difficult to adjust by exposure compensation.
In addition, you can adjust tilt, change the aspect ratio and trim photos, making effective use of smartphones and tablets operation such as swiping.
It is also possible to edit JPEG photos that are taken by smartphones or digital cameras of manufacturers other than Olympus.
The photos edited in OI. Palette are saved as new files.

Compatible smartphones and tablets

OI. Palette is supported by smartphones with the following operating systems (as of September 2016):

Supported OS Version
iOS 8.0 - 10
Android 4.0 - 7.0
Downloading OI.Palette

You can download the OI. Palette in Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS).

Android OS: 4.0 - 6.0   iOS: 8.0 - 10

You can also download the application by directly accessing "Google Play" or "App Store" on your smartphone to search "OI. Palette" or "OLYMPUS Image Palette"

Editing functions of OI. Palette and OI.Share.

* Communication functions (Import Photos or Remote Control) are not available.


Trim / Adjust Tilt / Change Aspect Ratio
Not available
Art Filter
Pop Art (I / II)
Soft Focus
Pale&Light Color (I / II)
Light Tone
Grainy Film (I / II)
Pin Hole (I / II / III)
Diorama (I / II)
Cross Process (I / II)
Gentle Sepia
Dramatic Tone (I / II)
Key Line (I / II)
Watercolor (I / II)
Vintage (I / II / III)
Partial Color (I / II / III)

* Art filter variation in parenthesis. Art effects can be applied to each filters.

Pop Art
Soft Focus
Pale&Light Color
Light Tone
Grainy Film
Pin Hole
Cross Process
Gentle Sepia
Dramatic Tone
Key Line
Partial Color
Color Creator
Hues (30 levels) / Saturation (8 levels, including base level)
Not available
Highlight & Shadow Control
(highlights and shadows both -7 to +7 levels)
Not available
Photo Story +
Not available Available
(Photo Story+ can be applied only to photos taken in PHOTO STORY.)
Linkage with Olympus Image Share (OI.Share)

If both the OI.Share and OI.Palette are installed on your smartphone, OI.Palette can be used to edit your photos when you tap Edit Photo in OI.Share. In OI.Share (Settings), select Edit Photo and activate Launch Olympus Image Palette.

* Update the firmware of the OI.Share to the latest version to use this function.

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