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Question :
Where can I find the instruction manual for my camera?

You can either read online or download the instruction manual for your camera.
See the following Web page to find the available manuals:
* Download Manuals

Question :
Which type of memory card can I use? [SD/SDHC Memory Cards]

To see all compatible SD/SDHC Memory Cards, click here:
* Compatibility table for SD/SDHC Memory Cards

Question :
Can I download any application software from the Web site?

You can find the available application software on the following Web page:
* Download Files: Software, Firmware, Drivers

Question :
Where can I find information on how to use the [ib] software?

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about [ib] are collected here.
Detailed documentation of the software's functions is available in the application's Help file. To access the Help file, launch [ib] and choose ib Help from the Help menu.

Question :
The colors in my pictures look different from the actual colors of my subject. What can I do? [White Balance (WB)]

Select a white balance (WB) setting that is more appropriate for the lighting conditions.

In the default white balance mode, WB is set to AUTO so you can take pictures with natural colors in most lighting conditions.

The colors in pictures may differ from the subject's actual colors under the following lighting conditions:
- When the subject is in the shade on a sunny day
- When the subject is illuminated by both natural light and indoor lighting (e.g. near a window)
- When the light from the camera's flash does not reach a subject lit by indoor lighting

In cases like these, select the white balance setting that is designed to capture accurate colors in the specific lighting conditions. To select white balance settings, the mode dial must be set to any shooting mode except iAUTO.

The following table describes the available white balance settings:
The white balance is adjusted automatically for natural color, regardless of the light source.
Sunny day
Sunny day 
For shooting under bright sunlight.
Cloudy day
Cloudy day
For shooting under a cloudy sky.
Tungsten light
For shooting under tungsten lighting.
Fluorescent lamp 1
lamp 1 
For shooting under a daylight fluorescent lamp. (This type of lamp is mainly used in homes.)
Fluorescent lamp 2
lamp 2 
For shooting under a neutral white fluorescent lamp. (This type of lamp is mainly used in desk lamps.)
Fluorescent lamp 3
lamp 3 
For shooting under a cool white fluorescent lamp. (This type of lamp is mainly used in offices.)

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