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How to Take Great Pictures
dated 21/Jan.,2005

What kind of functions to edit images are available in the OLYMPUS Studio 1.2?

Please see the following tables:

Edit Function
RAW Development Settings Configures RAW date.
Resize Resizes the image.
Distortion Correction Corrects distortion of the image.
Shading Compensation Corrects the shading (adjusts the amount of peripheral light) of the image.
Noise Reduction Reduces image noise.
Filter Adds special effects on the image such as color filtering, black and white or sepia-toned.
Rotate/ Flip Rotates or flips the image.
Tone Curve Corrects the tone curve.
Brightness and Contrast Adjusts the brightness and contrast of the image.
Gamma Correction Corrects the gamma (neutral color) of the image.
Color Balance Adjusts the balance of the red, green and blue colors.
Sharpness Adjusts the sharpness of the image.
Hue, Saturation and Lightness Adjusts the hue, saturation and lightness of the image.
Insert Text Adds text to the image.
Crop Crops the image and removes unnecessary areas around the image.
Auto Tone Correction Compensates for the bright and shadow areas of the image.
Red-eye Reduction Reduces the red-eye phenomenon occurred in flash photography.

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