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How to Take Great Pictures
dated 21/Jan.,2005

What is the Lossless Rotation of JPEG images?

With OLYMPUS Studio, JPEG images can be rotated without having to recompress the JPEG image data. This is called "lossless rotation". Because JPEG is a irreversible compression method in which the data is degraded at the time of compression, when a compressed image is rotated and saved, noise characteristic to JPEG appears in the image. In a lossless rotation, however, the JPEG image can be rotated without being recompressed. If, however, the JPEG image data that is rotated does not have height and width as a multiple of 8, the lossless rotation is not performed immediately. Instead, a dialog box appears, prompting you to select the processing method. You can select either to have the image trimmed and then perform a lossless rotation or have the image rotated normally without being trimmed.

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