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How to Take Great Pictures
dated 21/Jan.,2005

What kind of menu windows is available in the OLYMPUS Master 1.2?

There are three types of windows in the application:
Browse window
The browse window displays the image files in a folder selected in the folder tree. This window has three display modes: Browse Mode, View Mode and Light Box Mode.
Image edit window
The image edit window is used to edit images. This window provides RAW Development Settings as well as various image editing functions to resize, trimming and adjustment of brightness, color balance and sharpness.
Camera control window
In the camera control window, PC Master mode or Camera Master mode is selected and images are shot. In PC Master mode, images are shot by clicking the AF Shooting and Shooting buttons in the window. Shot images are then saved directly to the computer. The displayed camera settings can be changed directly in the window. In Camera Master mode, images are shot and the camera settings are changed using the camera. Shot images, however, are saved directly to the computer. (Compatible camera with this mode is E-1 and E-300 only.)

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