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Q&A for OLYMPUS Studio
Product Q&A
* Digital SLR Cameras
* Compact Digital Cameras
Common Q&A
* Connect the camera with a computer
* Software
* Drivers, Patches
* Purchase information
* Warranty information
* Repairing service
* Instruction manuals
* Underwater protector
How to Take Great Pictures

* What kind of menu windows is available in the OLYMPUS Studio 1.2?
* Can I transfer image data to OLYMPUS Studio 1.2 through the serial interface?
* Can OLYMPUS Studio 1.2 import data from any memory device (such as card reader) other than a digital camera?

Function: Browse Window
* What are the features of the display modes available in Browse window?
* Can I display an image at full screen on multiple monitors?
* What is the Lossless Rotation of JPEG images?
* How can I use the collection area?
* How can I use the image comparison area?
* Can I change the date when the image was taken?
* Can I process several RAW data at the same time?
* What kind of print settings can I select?
* Can I send images by E-mail?

Function: Image Editing Window
* What kind of functions to edit images are available in the OLYMPUS Studio 1.2?
* What kind of adjustment settings are available while developing RAW data?
* What is an image processing file?
* How can I use the Batch Processing?
* Can I edit IPTC information?

Function: Camera Control Window
* How can I use the Camera Control Window for shooting?
* What is the difference between PC Master mode and Camera Master mode?
* Which Olympus digital camera is compatible with the camera control window?
* Is there the time lapse photography mode available?

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