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dated 31/Mar.,2005

What steps should I take to install the driver for MAUSB-300 to my computer? (Windows98/98SE)

Please see the following.

Here is how to install the device driver for Olympus USB Reader/Wrtier: MAUSB-300 in Windows98/98SE. This program is version 1.00.
Please read more to download.

Please follow the steps below:

Please DO NOT connect MAUSB-300 to your computer until the installation of the driver is complete.

  1. Download the driver.
    Please download the necessary driver. You can find one from MAUSB-300 driver for Windows 98/98SE. Click [Download] to open the download window and save the relevant program file.

  2. Install the device driver. (1)
    Double-click open the program file: [mausb_300.exe] icon stored in your computer. A window to show the preparation of installation appears and then, [InstallShield Wizard] window appears as follows. Please click [Next] button.
    (* Click [Cancel] button to discontinue the installation.)

    Please click [Next] button.

  3. Install the device driver. (2)
    The following window appears to indicate the status of the installation. (Time taken for installation will differ according to the computer you use.)
    Please wait a while until the installation is completed.

    Please wait a while until the installation is completed.

  4. Install the device driver. (3)
    When installation is complete, the following window appears.
    If you want to restart your computer soon after the installation, please check [Yes, I want to restart my computer now] and click [Finish] button.

    Please click [Finish] button.

All the procedure is complete now. By this installation, your computer will automatically recognize MAUSB-300 as a removable disk when connected.

When you want to remove xD-Picture Card from the MAUSB-300 Reader/Writer, please select [Removable Disk] (MAUSB-300) icon, right-click the icon to open menu, then select [Eject] before you pull the card out.

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