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dated 26/Mar.,2007

What steps should I take to update the firmware of my digital camera by OLYMPUS Master 2 ?

Please see the following.

Here is the description of the operation in OLYMPUS Master 2.

To update the firmware of your digital camera, you should meet the following conditions:
- Your computer is connected to the internet.
- You have logged on as a user with the administrator’s privileges (for Windows Vista/XP/2000 or Mac OS X).

Reminder: Please remember to remove the card from your digital camera.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Connect the digital camera to your computer using a USB cable.

    Connect the camera with a computer.

    - Be aware that you cannot return to the previous version once the firmware is updated.
    - Make sure that the battery level of the camera is sufficient. If not, use the AC adapter (not supplied).
    - Do not press the buttons on the digital camera, turn off the camera, or disconnect the USB cable from the camera during firmware update.

  2. From the [Camera] menu in the [Browse] window, select [Update Camera/Add Display Language].

    Select [Update Camera].

  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to access the OLYMPUS server.
    When connected to the server, the [Update Camera] dialog box appears. Please click [OK] button.

     [Update Camera] dialog box appears.

  4. If the latest version of firmware is available for download, the list of firmware is displayed in the dialog box. Select the firmware to be applied, and click [Update] button.

    Click [Update] button.

    If you want to check the contents of update before downloading, select the firmware to apply, and then click [Details]. A web browser launches, and the details about the firmware are displayed.

  5. When the license agreement is displayed, read the license agreement, and click [Agree].
    The selected firmware is downloaded and transferred to the digital camera. Then, the digital camera performs the update.

  6. When OK is displayed on the LCD display of the digital camera, as shown on the right in the dialg box below, updating the camera is complete. Click [Next].

    Click [Next] button.

  7. Disconnect the USB cable connecting the digital camera and the computer.

All procedure is complete.
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