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iOS9 Support for Olympus Smartphone Application (OI.Share, OI.Track, OA. application)

Sep 16, 2015


The new versions for the affected applications are available on the App Store. Download the new applications to resolve this phenomenon. (September 25, 2015)

Olympus has discovered that the display language in the Olympus smartphone application cannot be changed to your desired language when you update your device to iOS9. After updating to iOS9, the menus and descriptions change to English.

We are now preparing a revised version for the application.
Please wait for the revised version that will be available on the App Store.


The display language in the application automatically change to English. You cannot set to other languages.

Affected Application

  • OI.Share
  • OI.Track
  • OA. application (OLYMPUS AIR A01 compatible)
    • OA.Central
    • OA.Genius
    • OA.ArtFilter
    • OA.ColorCreator
    • OA.PhotoStory
    • OA.ModeDial
    • OA.Clips
    • OA.Viewer
  • Sweet Photo by Olympus
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