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Notice of termination of Worldwide warranty for Olympus Digital Cameras and Accessories

dated Aug 28, 2014
modified Jul 8, 2016


Olympus Corporation has been providing Worldwide warranty for digital cameras and accessories since April 1, 2004, except for some countries and regions.
However, the time has come to stop providing Worldwide warranty because of regulation by laws and differences in the infrastructure of the repair facilities in individual countries.
Please kindly be informed that Worldwide warranty will not be provided with most of our Micro Four Thirds System and compact digital camera products shipped after September of 2014.

The Worldwide warranty card you have, is currently still valid as long as it meets the conditions required for warranty repair. Also, the Worldwide warranty card enclosed with the new products which you purchase from now, is also valid. Local warranty card is valid only in the country where you purchase the product and all repairs undertaken in other countries will be a chargeable service.

Please be informed that the worldwide warranty is not available in some countries and areas. For the availability of the worldwide warranty, please refer to the "Olympus Authorized Distributor List" and contact our Service Station or Distributor.

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