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OLYMPUS Master Plus CD/DVD writing function (ImageMixer VCD/DVD2 for OLYMPUS)Update
  This software is to upgrade the writing function, CD/DVD (ImageMixer VCD/DVD2 for OLYMPUS) , in the OLYMPUS Master Plus. (Windows only)

Target model
  OLYMPUS Master Plus 1.0/1.1/1.11/1.2/1.21/1.3/1.31/1.32/1.4/1.41/1.42

Detail of the update

* Upgrade history *
Apr., 2008
1. Updated the compatible drive list.
Drive list
2. Corrected the failure that Explorer is shut down when displaying a movie file(AVI format) shot by Olympus Digital Camera on Windows XP environment.
Jul., 2006
- Updated the compatible drive list.
Jul., 2005
1. Updated the compatible drive list.
2. Fixed the failures that occur when installing "PicturePackage" from Sony Corporation:
Corrected the failure that occurs when shutting down Windows 2000 or Windows XP environment.
Corrected the failure that "ImageMixer Backup Utility" cannot be started when storing the backup on CD/DVD with "OLYMPUS Master".

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