E-510 Firmware Update

E-510 Firmware Ver1.3 has incorporated the following upgrade.


Enabled use of the Image Stabilization function with non-Four Thirds System interchangeable lenses by inputting a specific focal length.
For details on operations, please click on the URL.

* Upgrade history *

E-510 Firmware Ver1.2 has incorporated the following upgrade.


Improved the focusing accuracy when using the EC-20 Teleconverter.


Improved image stabilization when shooting at slow shutter speeds.


E-510 Firmware Ver1.1 has incorporated the following upgrade.


Improved reliability of writing to high-speed Compact Flash cards.

[Caution: ]


Camera's settings will return to original settings by updating camera.


This phenomenon occurs if any language other than the default setting was added to the menu display by OLYMPUS Master 2 ( or OLYMPUS Studio 2 ) before firmware update. After updating to the latest firmware ,the camera may reboot by pressing the IS button. This can be resolved by downloading the desired language and add to the camera menu.

Troubleshooting for E-3/E-510 firmware update


This phenomenon does not occur if no optional language was added to the menu, or if OLYMPUS Master 2/OLYMPUS Studio 2 is used with Macintosh operating system. This troubleshooting is not required.

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