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3D-LUT File for Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve
- Download and unzip the following zip file to use the 3D-LUT file.

Model Movie
( Windows / Mac OS )
3D-LUT File
E-M1X Flat em1x_Flat_LUT_v1.1.zip Olympus Flat_to_BT.709_v1.1.cube
OM-Log400 em1x_OM-Log400_LUT_v1.0.zip Olympus OM-Log400_to_BT.709_v1.0.cube
E-M1 Mark III Flat em1m3_Flat_LUT_v1.1.zip Olympus Flat_to_BT.709_v1.1.cube
OM-Log400 em1m3_OM-Log400_LUT_v1.0.zip Olympus OM-Log400_to_BT.709_v1.0.cube
E-M1 Mark II Flat em1m2_Flat_LUT_v1.1.zip Olympus Flat_to_BT.709_v1.1.cube
OM-Log400 em1m2_OM-Log400_LUT_v1.0.zip Olympus OM-Log400_to_BT.709_v1.0.cube
E-M5 Mark III Flat em5m3_Flat_LUT_v1.1.zip Olympus Flat_to_BT.709_v1.1.cube
E-M5 Mark II Flat em5m2_Flat_LUT_v1.1.zip Olympus em5m2 Flat_to_BT.709_v1.1.cube

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