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Compatibility Tables > Compatibility table for Eye-Fi Cards
Compatibility table for Eye-Fi Cards
modified: Aug. 29, 2012
Here you can find the Eye-Fi Cards which work with your OLYMPUS digital camera. Please note that the verified results do not guarantee complete performance.

Compatible camera models
  • E-M5
  • E-P3, E-PL3, E-PM1
  • SH-25MR, SH-21
  • SZ-31MR, SZ-30MR, SZ-20, SZ-14, SZ-11, SZ-10
  • TG-1,TG-820, TG-810, TG-620, TG-610, TG-320, TG-310
  • VH-510, VH-210
  • VR-360
  • VG-170
  • SP-810UZ, SP-620UZ, SP-610UZ
Eye-Fi Cards
Series name Speed Class Capacity
Eye-Fi Connect X2 Class 6 4 GB
Eye-Fi Explore X2 Class 6 8 GB
Eye-Fi Pro X2 Class 6 8 GB

* When using an Eye-Fi card, read the Eye-Fi card instruction manual carefully, and comply with the instructions.
* Use the Eye-Fi card in compliance with the laws andregulations of the country where the camera is used.
* In locations such as on an airplane, where the Eye-Fi communication is prohibited, remove the Eye-Fi card from the camera, or set [ Eye-Fi ] to [ Off ].
* This camera does not support the Eye-Fi card’sEndless mode.
* Company and product names appearing in this document are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of their respective owners.

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