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CompactFlash compatible with E-620

This table represents those cards tested with E-620 and known to be compatible.

CompactFlash by Lexar Media
Series name
Model name
Platinum II CF4GB-80-810 4GB
CF8GB-80-810 8GB
Professional CF1G-133-810 1GB
CF2G-133-810 2GB
CF4G-133-810 4GB
Professional UDMA CF2G-300-810 2GB
CF4G-300-810 4GB
CF8G-300-810 8GB
CompactFlash by SanDisk
Series name
Model name
Ultra II SDCFH-512-J*** 512MB
SDCFH-1024-J*** 1GB
SDCFH-2048-J*** 2GB
SDCFH-002G-J*** 2GB
SDCFH-4096-J*** 4GB
SDCFH-004G-J*** 4GB
SDCFH-008G-J*** 8GB
Extreme III SDCFX3-1024-J*** 1GB
SDCFX3-2048-J*** 2GB
SDCFX3-4096-J*** 4GB
SDCFX3-002G-J*** 4GB
SDCFX3-004G-J*** 4GB
SDCFX3-8192-J*** 8GB
SDCFX3-008G-J*** 8GB
SDCFX3-016G-J*** 16GB
Extreme IV SDCFX4-2048-J*** 2GB
SDCFX4-4096-J*** 4GB
SDCFX4-8192-J*** 8GB
SDCFX4-016G-J*** 16GB
Extreme Ducati Edition SDCFX4-004G-J*** 4GB
SDCFX4-008G-J*** 8GB
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