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* iOS9 Support for Olympus Smartphone Application (OI.Share, OI.Track, OA. applicationl)

What is OI.Share ( OLYMPUS Image Share )?

Paired with a compatible Olympus camera, OI.Share ( OLYMPUS Image Share ) smartphone application makes shooting more enjoyable than ever.
With this application, images captured with an Olympus camera can easily be imported to a smartphone, and shared with your family and friends. You can also add Art Filters to the imported photos, which is a popular function in PEN series cameras, use your smartphone as a remote control to a compatible Olympus camera, and add GPS tags to the photos.

Questions regarding the OI.Share ( OLYMPUS Image Share ) :

Question :
What can I do with the OI.Share application?

You can use the application with built-in Wi-Fi cameras and FlashAir™ compatible cameras.
OI.Share lets you import images from cameras to smartphones, apply Art filters on the smartphone, share your pictures using the SNS application, and share pictures with your friends and families by connecting simultaneously to several smartphones.
With the built-in Wi-Fi camera, you can also use your smartphone as a remote control to a compatible Olympus camera and add GPS tags to the photos.

For more information, refer to the following web page:
OI.Share ( OLYMPUS Image Share )

Question :
Which operating systems support the OI.Share application?

OI.Share is supported by the following operating systems:
iOS: iOS 7.0 - 9.2
Android: Android 4.0 - 6.0

Question :
I don't have an Olympus digital camera. Can I use the OI.Share with other manufacturer cameras if I have a FlashAir™?

Yes, you can use the OI.Share with other manufacturer cameras. There aren't limitation on the manufacturer of the digital camera.
It is convenient to use OI.Share because you can transfer several image files at once.

Question :
Where can I download the OI.Share application?

You can find the link for App Store ( iOS ) and Google Play ( Android OS ) download page on the OI.Share page.
You can also download the application by directly accessing "App Store" or "Google Play" on your smartphone to search "OI.Share" or "OLYMPUS Image Share".

Question :
In which image file format can I apply art filters using the OI.Share?

You can apply art filters to JPEG and PNG files.

Question :
Are there limitation when saving images that have applied art filters using the OI.Share?

The image size you can save is up to 2048 x 1536 pixels.

Question :
Can I display the RAW data, that I took with my digital camera, on the OI.Share?

No, you cannot.
Using the RAW development function in the camera, convert the RAW data to JPEG files to enable smartphone display.

Question :
I would like to watch movie files on a smartphone. Can I transfer movie files to a smartphone using the OI.Share?

Yes, you can transfer movie files to your smartphone.
However, it may take a longer amount of time to transfer movies because movie files tend to be larger in size. We recommend you transfer small movie files to a smartphone.

In iOS, iPhone4 / iPad2 / iPod touch ( third-generation ) or former models cannot play movie files on the smartphone because these models do not support full HD movies.
In Android, the application to play movie files should support the same movie file format as the one for the files on your digital camera.

Question :
Which type of camera models can use the Remote Control or Easy Setup functions in OI.Share?

The available functions in the latest version of the smartphone application OI.Share differ depending on whether you use a built-in Wi-Fi camera or a camera compatible with FlashAir™ cards, the SDHC card with internal wireless LAN.

Built-in Wi-Fi digital camera
The following functions are available: Remote Control, Import Photos, Edit Photo, Add Geotag and Easy Setup.

Camera compatible with FlashAir™ cards, the SDHC card with internal wireless LAN
E-PL6, E-PL5, E-PM2, XZ-2, XZ-10, SH-50, TG-2, TG-830, TG-630, SZ-16
The following functions are available: Import Photos and Edit Photo.

*1 Photo Story Photo Story+ in Edit Photo can be applied to the image files that are shot with Photo Story function.
The new version of OI.Share ( OLYMPUS Image Share ) has been provided since June 2013. Functions for the built-in Wi-Fi cameras has been added.

Question :
What items are displayed on the Settings menu in OI.Share?

The following describes the Settings menu:

Import Photos
Save Size:
The save size of the images when transferred from the FlashAir™
Display the movie:
Display the movies that are saved on the FlashAir™

Edit Photo
Save Size:
The save size of the images when art filter is applied

Remote Control
Rec View:
Set the preview of an image after shot to ON or OFF
Live View Quality:
Set to Speed Priority or Image Quality Priority
Display Count Indicator for Self-timer:
Set the self-timer when shooting to ON or OFF
Voice for Self-timer:
Create three patterns of voices for self-timer shooting

Add Geotag
Share a Photo Without Geotag:
Set the display of Geotag to ON or OFF
Set Don't Log area:
Set the Don't Log area
Logging Notification:
Set the Notification Count and Notification Interval

A brief explanation for the functions in OI.Share
Tell Friends:
Open the email screen to send information about the OI.Share
Legal Notices:
Notice regarding the Trademarks and Third Party Software
The version of OI.Share is displayed

Question :
How do I display the images by selecting a folder in the FlashAir™ or SD card on my camera?

If there are several image folders in the FlashAir™ or SD card, the folder selection window is displayed when you tap the [ Folder ( Folder ) ] button on the upper-right.
If you tap the folder you would like to select, the list of image files in thumbnail is displayed.



- The [ Folder ( Folder ) ] button in iOS is not displayed if there is only one image folder in the media card ( FlashAir™ / SD card ) on your camera.
- OI.Share can display only the folders and image files having the folder and file name that can be displayed on digital cameras.

Question :
I cannot transfer pictures from the FlashAir™ W-02 [ SD-WC016G ( 16GB ) ] card to my smartphone using OI.Share. What should I do?

When using the Import Photos function of OI.Share application with a FlashAir™ W-02 [ SD-WC016G ( 16GB ) ] Toshiba card, you must disable the redirect function of the FlashAir™ W-02 card, using the Redirect OFF Tool. You can download the Redirect OFF Tool from the Toshiba web site.

Visit the following Toshiba web page for more information:
FlashAir™ W-02 Class10 is not recognized with smartphone app "OI. Share" provided by OLYMPUS. ( Toshiba web side )

Regarding the FlashAir™ [ SD-WL008G ( 8GB ) ] card, you can transfer and save pictures to your smartphone using the Import Photos function of OI.Share without using the Redirect OFF Tool.

Question :
I scanned the QR code that is displayed on the monitor of the camera using the Easy Setup, but couldn't obtain a Wi-Fi connection. What should I do?

If the Wi-Fi connection does not work after scanning the QR code on the camera monitor with a Smartphone using the OI.Share Easy Setup, confirm the Wi-Fi setting on your Smartphone.

Your Smartphone may already be connected to a different Wi-Fi network (e.g. home LAN ) or Wi-Fi device. In the Wi-Fi setting of your Smartphone, switch the network connection to the SSID (network name) that begins with the model name of your camer

When the network connection is completed, you will see a check mark before the SSID in iOS or, in Android OS, you will see "Connected" below the SSID.

  • Easy Setup is not available on some camera models.
  • For more information on how to set the Wi-Fi setting, refer to the Smartphone instruction manual.

Question :
I am using OI.Share, but the QR code reading display in Easy Setup is not displayed. What should I do?

When your Smartphone or tablet computer (hereafter Smartphone) is not equipped with a back camera, the QR code reading display of the Easy Setup is not displayed on the OI.Share.

In this case, connect the Smartphone with your camera in Wi-Fi setting using the SSID and the password information. You can find the information near the QR code that is displayed on the monitor of the camera.

How to set Wi-Fi connection when the QR code reading display is not available:

  1. Tap Connection Guide. In Wi-Fi Setup, tap Wi-Fi Setting.
  2. A list of Wi-Fi network is displayed.
    Make sure that the Wi-Fi is ON and tap the SSID (network name) with the same name as the one displayed on the camera monitor. Enter the password to the Password field and tap Connect.
    The Wi-Fi setting is completed when Connected is displayed under the SSID.
    Try to transfer images to the OI.Share from Import Photos.
  • Easy Setup is not available on some camera models.
  • Refer to the instruction manual of your Smartphone for detailed information on the Wi-Fi connection setting.

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